The business world of today is evolving at a rapid pace, and your business needs to be prepared or risk getting left behind.
While the concept of digital signage is not a new one, it is an area that has experienced vast change in recent years. The digital displays of today are brightly lit and highly interactive, allowing customers to engage with clients in more ways than ever before.
Digital signage is rapidly infiltrating a host of markets and businesses are reaping the benefits. If you are looking to encourage your audience to take advantage of current promotions, entertain your clients with live TV, give customers advice on products and services or just inform them of what you have to offer, GoDigiPix can create the perfect solution, effectively converting browsers to buyers. Take a closer look at some of the many benefits your market can experience from having a GoDigiPix customised digital signage solution.
Restaurants and Pubs

Whether customers are driving thru, taking away or dining in, they may expect to see digital signage informing them of prices, products and promotions.  
Digital signage is especially important to the restaurant industry, where it may be used to inform hungry customers of their dining options or encourage them to splurge on an appetising option.




Retail Outlets and Shopping Centres

Whether waiting in line or navigating the aisles, retail shoppers make many of their buying decisions at the point of purchase. Retail outlets and shopping centres see higher revenues and sales by using digital screens to increase brand awareness and create targeted high impact messages that encourage retail shoppers to take advantage of current promotions.






Today’s students have been raised on digital media of every description and moving images, making digital signage the obvious choice for the education sector. 
Schools at every level, including primary,secondary, state, public, colleges and universities can experience the benefits of utilising digital signage for emergency messages, promotions and academic postings as well as interactive media in the classrooms.




Whether it is in hospitals or doctor’s offices, healthcare professionals can have their own unique needs when it comes to communicating with patients.
Digital signage can be a great way to engage with patients, both while navigating the building and during waiting times.




Hotel and Hospitality

From the reception lobby to the conference room, digital signage is becoming a more common sight in hotels and hospitality hotspots.  
Digital signage in hotels, resorts, airports and other hospitality hotspots overhaul the way in which these venues interact with their customers by providing a better experience.




Gym & Health Clubs

Gym goers generally have a lot of time on their hands and are accustomed to spending it watching television while exercising, so it only makes sense to monopolise on it. 
If you are looking to supply class schedules, promotions, or other relevant health information, digital signage is your best medium to connect with your clients.







While cars and other vehicles these days are being packed with technology that would have been unimaginable a decade ago, so are dealerships. Digital signage is  opening up new ways to communicate and sell to potential buyers and car owners.